WARNING!!! Read this only if you are tired of an overwhelming sense of anxiety dictating your quality of life!

How to stop yourself from spiraling into That cycle of anxiety and Depression, Mind Racing, ‘stuck’ in that bottomless pit of despair. 

Conventional approaches to dealing with worry and anxiety only give you the coping skills to manage the symptoms, but fail to address the root causes. Band-Aid approaches only work for so long, you need to sow up the wound and stop the bleeding 

 “Where Did It All Go Wrong?”

Can you remember a time you were not lying wide awake at 3am?

Not having that sheer sense of panic coursing through your veins?

Your mind is calm and still, not racing, spiraling, dreading the day ahead?

A day when you weren't running on little to no sleep, caught in that cycle that just doesn't end?

Or when despair and crippling fear were things that never crossed your mind?

It’s scary to think that this scenario is now the new normal and waking up fear stricken during the night has become routine.

Working yourself up, dreading the day ahead.

How did things that were once so simple become so hard
You feel like you are in a never-ending nightmare…

You feel trapped in a pit of never ending despair. And you ask yourself, is this ever going to end?
Is this just how things are supposed to be from now on?

Is it even possible to feel like yourself again?

And what makes this all so much harder?

Is that on the outside you project the picture of composure.

Everyone around you doesn’t have the slightest clue that you are suffering so painfully on the inside.

You go about your daily tasks and life.

You put on a really good face, in fact you could even say an academy worthy performance

Sometimes you even fool yourself into thinking that your life is actually ok

Tricking yourself into thinking that the crippling fear is just a momentary thing.

You ask yourself how you can be so high functioning and yet feel like you are about to break at any moment.

And worst of all...

That constant struggle to keep up with everything you need to do in life yet always feeling like you’re being unproductive.

On the outside, it looks like you have everything under control but just below the surface, you feel like you are inches away from a meltdown.

You find yourself asking all the time …. “Where Did It All Go Wrong?”

Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Steve Alimaras and I am a licensed psychotherapist who has been in your shoes, stuck in that constant cycle of anxiety with that gut wrenching feeling that things will never get better. .

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH. Your problems are not unique, you have just been going about them in all the wrong ways
First, you probably tried to solve the problem on your own, how did that work out?

Second, when you actually reached out for help, you were expecting a quick, easy fix.  
So you started hopping from one guaranteed approach to the next...

Conventional therapy, self-help books, and inspirational YouTube videos just to name a few.
But nothing actually worked

And that’s not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because of that fact that nothing has ever truly worked, it has made you skeptical!

Which means you don’t fully commit to, trust, and believe in any process.

And, worst of all, you aren’t able to get past the idea that nothing will ever work for you anyway, so what's the point?.

Let me share a quick story with you about my journey...

There I was, a struggling psychotherapist who was just starting out in the field as an intern trying to manage my own stress & anxiety while helping others do the same.
The thing is that at the time I was listening to all the other experts in my field and being force fed the idea that traditional therapy and possibly medication were the only way to go.

In my gut though I knew there had to be another way to solve this problem. That meant I needed to conquer my own anxiety once and for all, not just for me but for my clients as well, which caused me to think outside the box.

Then I had an epiphany...

I realized that anxiety wasn't just a talking thing, it was a lifestyle thing, about making different lifestyle changes or "Anxiety Hacks" that needed to be done consistently.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to break this cycle of anxiety once and for all; control your anxiety and stop it before it starts by using these “Anxiety Hacks.”

My plan was to start implementing these "Anxiety Hacks" into my everyday life.

So, I started taking cold showers which provided instant relief. But I didn’t stop there.

I then made dietary changes; limiting foods most likely to impact mood.

After that, I combined these “hacks” with certain aspects of traditional therapy, but in a very specific way.

Bottom line: In the end I was not only able to reduce my overall anxiety, but almost completely eliminate it altogether.

Building on that success, I decided to create a series of pdf's, eBook’s, webinars, and ultimately a 30 Day Challenge so that others could be rid of their anxiety once and for all too.

I call it “The Worrier2Warrior 30 Day Anxiety Challenge”.

And that's why I'm so excited to share this challenge with you so that you can get similar results as well!

“The Worrier2Warrior 30 Day Anxiety Challenge” includes tools that you will use long after you complete the Challenge.

Discovery #1

You are what you eat and this goes for your emotional state as well

Certain Foods change

Your Mood and how you feel because they affect the chemicals in your mind and body

Insulin Level Correlates with Mood

“Every time our insulin spikes, it is soon followed by the release of stress hormones, which contributes to anxiety.”

Discovery #2

Your Mind Puts Worry, And Anxiety On “Autopilot”

Let me explain

Anxiety is triggered by repeated negative thoughts and worry

These thoughts and worries were eventually put on “autopilot”

And autopilot was supposed to make our lives easier, but instead, it has become one of the main thing holding us back

“It’s much easier to simply let our anxious

autopilot choose a response.”

Discovery #3

You Can Override And Update Any “Faulty Programming”

Your phone needs to be updated every few months with the latest operating system to adjust for faulty programming, and your brain needs the same

Many studies show that you can retrain or unlearn faulty thought patterns and transform them into more positive ways of thinking

You need a specific plan to rewire your thought patterns and deal with the anxiety and worry from all angles


"The W2W 30 Day Anxiety Challenge"

Start seeing results in as little as 3 Days...

Control your anxiety over the short term...

Manage your anxiety over the long term...

Take what you've learned and move forward on your own without our continued support ...

Simple and easy ways to reduce the anxiety that actually work period…

... and much, MUCH more!

The 30 Day, 4 Week Anxiety Challenge Includes Tools That You Will Use Long After You Complete The Challenge.

This includes:

The W2W Anxiety Management Cheat Sheet (Daily Anxiety Hacks)

This PDF is your solution to start alleviating anxiety right away. Start your day with less stress and tension; reducing the risk of burnout & mental fatigue. You may even start to attempt activities or situations that your anxiety has been holding you back from.

The W2W Anxiety Survival Guide

This eBook makes it a snap for you to understand the principles of the process and why each step is equally as important as the next. You will get a clearer understanding of the overall goal and why it is not out of reach. Stop wasting your mental energy on things that don't matter, and start focusing on the things that do.

The W2W Assessment and Strategy Call

This One on One Strategy call will set the blueprint for your progress... We will create and you will follow a specific plan tailored to you. Learn how to attack your anxieties; which tactics work for you, and which ones don't.

The W2W Progress Calls

This is the meat and bones of the challenge, on these calls, which take place twice a week; you meet directly with me. We address any issues you may be having and ensure that you are implementing all of the strategies correctly

In case you wonder if it works…

In case you wonder 
if it works…

Take a look below..

 Steve has been helping me deal with my depression and anxiety issues, which were severely impacting my work and relationships with my family. The diet changes and exercise regimen, along with his other suggestions, have really made a difference in my attitude about life. I'm not sure where I'd be without him.

- Michael M.

And he’s not the only one….

 Found that the most helpful aspects of Steven’s Worrier 2 Warrior program included exercising to exhaustion and starting and ending the day with ice cold showers. I discovered that these adjustments were effective when I needed an immediate sense of calm. Lastly, I found that combining these aspects with a healthy diet (limiting or eliminating grains and sugar), drinking water all day and cutting out alcohol (one of the most helpful decisions I made) resulted in my best days. Even if this program does not instantly resolve all issues that I am dealing with, I find that putting my body and mind in the best possible state is an important piece to the puzzle and that over time, it can make a significant difference.

- Greg H
 In the beginning I had an expectation that Steve would fix all my problems. However, I was mistaken. He continues to teach me how to live in the now. Mostly, that I can solve my own problems and carry these lessons and experiences with me daily. He provokes thought, is a great listener as well as commutator. If you are looking to grow and learn how to cope with daily life in today’s stressful world I highly recommend Steve to guide you.

- Aaron C
 I was at first skeptical about seeing a professional, but I could not have been more wrong. Steve’s attentive and optimistic nature led us to discuss the intricacies which had been holding my emotional, physical, and mental capabilities at bay and we immediately clicked. Concepts which I had held deep within that contributed to my negative approach to life were discussed, addressed, and the real meaning of living a quality life suddenly seemed attainable. I spoke and he listened and unequivocally implemented through processes which allowed me to put into perspective my feelings and the emotions which were anchoring me to my past. The experience was capped by a quote which has stuck with me till this day “look at the past, neglect the present, and negatively impact the future”. Steve helped me add much needed perspective and appreciation for my true potential and I am sure he can also offer this to you.

- Jose R
 Dr. Alimaras is very straight forward and easy to comprehend. He was able to help me understand the program we’d be going through and the steps we’d take to get there. As someone with anxiety I was definitely very nervous the first few visits, not knowing what to expect, but once I started Steven’s regimine, which tackled symptoms, body health, and mind, I started to see results very quickly. He helps you tackle issues from multiple angles and each works to make the CBT work better. If you see Steven, please take his advice seriously, not everything may work for you, but somethings definitely will.

- Will G
Look I’m not going to sit here and tell you that my life is all sunshine and rainbows at this
point. Life is not a Disney Movie.

But the truth is, I do feel better.

And If I can feel better, you can do too

If they can do feel better, you can too

Imagine what it would be like to wake and go to bed every night without that crippling anxiety and worry

Not being paralyzed by fear day in and day out, dreading every passing moment

Finally living and not just surviving!

But the first step comes from you.

Click the link below and let’s jump on a call so we can talk about how I can best serve you, because at the end of the day, that's who it's all about...
Helping you let go of that crippling anxiety and finally live the life you deserve by learning how to cope with whatever life throws at you...
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