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Meet The Author,
Steven Alimaras
My name is Steve Alimaras and I am a licensed psychotherapist and the founder of Worrier2Warrior.

I’m here to tell you that I have been in your shoes, stuck in that constant cycle of anxiety with that gut wrenching feeling that things will never get better.
Let me share a quick story with you about my journey...

There I was, a struggling psychotherapist who was just starting out in the field as an intern trying to manage my own stress & anxiety while trying to help others do the same.

The thing is, at the time I was listening to all the other experts in my field and being force fed the idea that traditional therapy and possibly medication were the only way to go.

In my gut though I knew there had to be another way to solve this problem. That meant I needed to conquer my own anxiety once and for all, not just for me but for my clients as well, which caused me to think outside the box.

Then I had an epiphany...

I realized that anxiety wasn't just a talking thing, it was a lifestyle thing, about making different lifestyle changes or "anxiety hacks" that needed to be done consistently.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to break this cycle of anxiety once and for all; control your anxiety and stop it before it starts by using these “anxiety hacks.”

I then combined these daily “anxiety hacks” with certain aspects of traditional therapy, but in a very specific way.

Bottom line: In the end I was not only able to reduce my overall anxiety, but almost completely eliminate it altogether….

A life that is free from that seemingly never ending cycle of crippling anxiety.
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